Dissing the D-List

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The dictionary defines the word default as failure to act: inaction or neglect.

Wow. Default; another word for the D-List. From the Business of Soul,

created by Kathy Symly Miller and Jennifer Urezzio of Soul Language, my

amazingly stupendous mentor! The D-List was appropriately shocking when

Jennifer introduced me to it; it truly got my attention. Words belonging to

the D-List are, well … discouraging. Living on auto-pilot, not paying attention

and kinda allowing life to just happen to me; I defaulted. My thoughts and

my feelings, my life resulted by way of default. And my reality reflected all of

the blind decisions I had made as I deferred my entire being over to

everyone’s’ opinions, thoughts and expectations for who I am in being and

living. The D-List: dismissing, diminishing, disregarding, deferring, despairing

and with depression; D-listing big-time! Desperate for relief, I grasped at anything to feel better,

whether it was good for me or not, as long as it gave me a reprieve and made me feel better. Default.

My modus operandi was founded by the D-List. How many of us have denied ourselves happiness;

dismissed our dreams, hopes, desires, needs and wants … us, ourselves. Don’t get me wrong … we

can contribute to another’s experience, but taking responsibility for someone’s comfort, well-being,

happiness? When was that decision made and what was I thinking…? I always knew and still do

believe that there is so much more to this thing called life. From a very young age I just did not

accept my being in existence, me being ever born was just to eat, breathe, and go to school, work,

and die. There was a reason; there was purpose. I knew; I felt that knowing in every fiber of my

Being, even as a little girl, I was here for a purpose. It was my Truth; I just didn’t know what to call it

back then. Another Truth as a young girl was a knowing that I was not here to suffer, to struggle …

to settle. And yet there lisa was; surviving yes, but thriving … Hell No! Because even though I was

not aware I was doing it, I was defaulting and I was responsible. However ill-informed I was, I still

chose; I forfeited who I was and gave consent to others for how I thought, how I should feel, what

to believe and that my dreams and heart’s desires aren’t possible, because silly me, mine weren’t

practical. For others to be ok with me, accept me, approve … I dismissed, degraded and denied

myself for the simple want of others to be ok with me. Wow. Now that is some heavy fear-based shit

if you ask me! Living by default was painful; it became so intense the only reprieve left for me was to

check-out. I discovered another Truth, giving up was never an option. I simply can’t; I know that; I

feel that and it is simply not in me. But I had to do something different. And by Divine Grace, I

consciously chose to surrender and just be lisa in the only way I knew how to be. My Soul was lifted:

with my energy and with absolute authority, I declared to the Universe … I AM Enough, Worthy and

Deserving of all things good. And all of my power that I had so freely given up immediately returned.

And with pure clarity and consciousness I chose to embrace lisa and love and honor the Graceful

Warrior that is my Soul. Together and awake we chose to create a most extraordinary life that was

once just ordinary. Being in my Truth, as defined by me is my purpose, first and foremost. Sharing my

gifts with you is me living my purpose. It is the fire in my belly; it is my passion. Game On!

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