About Me. Lisa A. Brenner.

In 2005, I obtained my Master’s in Social Work from Salisbury University in Maryland. With over 13 years of practice as an LCSW-C in psychotherapy and clinical mental health, I am also a Reiki Practitioner. I channel life force energy to promote healing, restoration and balance to our human (and energetic) bodies encompassing our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Interrelated and symbiotic, the quality and state of your mental health in any one area will affect all aspects of your life. Cultivating the relationship within yourself allows you to steer your life in the direction of your choosing. As an expert in the field of psychology and studies of human behavior, I believe wholeheartedly that every one of us are worthy, deserving and “ENOUGH” for all the goodness this world has to offer and the pleasures that we seek.

My Philosophy

We are not “broken” and while that is a common, internal narrative for many – the truth is, what we believe is what we become. But what happens to us if those beliefs are not true? How will we know or even identify what beliefs are running unwillingly within us? I help you identify these unhealthy beliefs.

This is what I do and what I do so very well. I lead and guide you to discover not only the negative beliefs limiting the possibilities for your life, but also to discover your personal power and authority that moves you from the ‘victim’ mentality to one of realization, purpose, meaning and passion. We will work together to get you to the place where you truly experience self-love and actively practice compassion for yourself and others – perhaps for the very first time.

Change your beliefs and you change your world.

My History

I’ve always been curious about life and its meaning and purpose. For as long as I can remember I have had a true fascination with our human race and coupled it with my deeply felt desire to understand why we do what we do.

What defines the “why” behind our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors? What are the choices that create the sum of who we are at present? In a sense, this “work” is who I am. Who I have been.

It has been with me as early as I can remember – the desire to alleviate suffering for others. Very often I felt confusion between what I believed we are ‘meant’ for, all the while witnessing so much struggle and sadness.

My heart literally aches when I remember and to this day I do not know I where I mustered the empathy but as time has gone on, I began to understand that I had a special gift. I have a keen insight into others’ feelings and an uncanny ability to feel and absorb the energy of others. This gives me a genuine understanding of emotional space and allows me to relate well with my family, peers and clients.

I look forward to sharing some good energy with you.

– Lisa A. Brenner