What I do. I’m a Life Guide!

Life coaching and transformative healing is a sacred, unique and very personal journey. The voyage is worthy, honorable and deserving of compassion and acceptance. Your taking this journey on your own is brave and should come without any judgment.

It is my belief that establishing rapport and being fully present with each of my clients is essential for our work to bring forth positive results. The journey is yours, so of course, you build the itinerary. I am just a guide. I am here to help.

I accommodate scheduling and confirmation by phone/ voice calling, text and email. All sessions are face to face using the Zoom platform unless you have another preference. Prior to our appointment time, I will provide you an access code inviting you into our own “meeting room”.

Our time together is private, confidential and user friendly. If or when we are in local proximity, we can meet at my home office.

Typically, in our first session we will discuss and explore your goals and desired outcomes and together we will customize a plan and “living schedule” that is both comfortable and realistic.

Payment is due at scheduling and upon receipt, a confirmation and access code will be provided for our session. I receive payments online or in person.